Leak Sealing Solution

Cormix develops chemical grouts systems for sealing joints, cracks, or surrounding soil is wet both dry and wet area. Cormix leak sealing systems is solution to seal crack, joint, void, shut off water seepage, prevent water leak in sewerage and drain pipes, ground stabilization, prevent water leaks through expansion or construction joints, prevent water pressure from expanding fissures into major fault points that could cause serious structural damage.

Crack sealing foams, resins and gels solve the most demanding of water ingress problems in underground structures sealing and reacting water away providing permanent seals.


The type of leak and size of crack determines the best solution /product to fix the problem.
Cormix technical service is available to assist in the selection of the best solution


  • Small weeping cracks can be sealed using low viscosity Polyurethane resin and foams in combination or a two in one Contite PUE400/E401.

These materials need to have very low viscosity so that the cracks are sealed to their full depths Cormix provides both Polyurethane and epoxy (dry cracks) for hairline cracks

  • Major heavy water stoppage focuses more on fast reaction times requiring gels and foams with very fast reaction times that react water quickly away so that they cannot be washed away .These materials can be used in combination with cementitious plugs and pre grouting or oakum soaked in a PU gel.


VDO: Cormix_Contite G600 by Oakum Technique 2012

In addition products used with heavy water require very high expansion rates to fill large voids and cavities economically

Applications for Cormix products include the sealing of:

  • Dams
  • Tunnels
  • Subway stations
  • River and sea walls
  • All below
  • Below grade concrete structures


Cracking Concrete Repair Solutions

Moving Cracks (Dry)
Contite PUE 200/E201
Condur SCC
Non-Moving Cracks (Dry)
Contite PUE 300/301
Condur SC
Weeping Leak (Moving Cracks)
First Contite PUE100/E101 until leakage stops
then Contite PUE200/E201
Gusting Heavy Water leaking Cracks
Contite PUE100/E101
Contite G600
Contite G600M
Shutting off Heavy Water Leakages (Permanently)
Contite G600